Planned Giving

Creating a Legacy with Planned Giving

Planned gifts provide a way to ensure that your support of Alpha Sigma Nu helps and is remembered by future generations.  Any gift which is transferred with the help of a professional is considered a planned gift.  Planned gifts are a tax-wise way of giving and offer benefits to you, the donor, as well as to our organization.  Planned gifts include bequests, retained income gifts, life insurance, and retirement plan benefits.  Since the information on this site is not intended as legal, tax, or investement advice, it is highly recommended that prospective donors consult with their own tax or legal advisors prior to making a planned gift.

Charitable Bequest

There are a number of ways you can make a bequest to Alpha Sigma Nu:

  • A cash bequest of a specified dollar amount
  • Retirement account assets, consisting of any benefits remaining in your retirement plans
  • A residuary bequest, in which Alpha Sigma Nu receives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after other beneficiaries have been remembered

There are no limitations on bequest gifts.  All charitable bequests are deductuble for federal estate tax purposes with no limit on the amount of the deduction.  In addition, bequests are generally not subject to state inheritance or estate taxes.

Sample Bequest Language

Unrestricted Bequest

We request the following language when making an unrestricted bequest:

I give to Alpha Sigma Nu, a not for profit corporation, headquarters located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( the sum of $_______) or (specific asset) or ( __%of remainder of my estate) to be used for AΣN general purposes.

Bequest for a Specifc Purpose

I give to Alpha Sigma Nu, a not for profit corporation, headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ( the sum of $_____) or(specifc asset) or (__%of the remainder of my estate) to be used for student scholarships.

We recommend you consult with your attorney or tax adviser regarding various tax benefits and restrictions that may apply to your specific situation. 

For more information contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Amy Venables O'Neil.